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How Dangerous Are Transportation Safety Issues?

The number of people who die in car crashes every year is staggering. With so many lives on the line, it is important that we are able to explore all possibilities for safer roads. Researchers are developing new technologies for self-healing asphalt in order to make driving safer.

How Traffic Fatalities Increase

There are a variety of things that make contributions to site visitors’ fatalities, and roadway layout is certainly considered one among them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “layout functions which could enhance protection include: decreased lane widths, curves, medians and chicanes; intersection layout that includes roundabouts and signalized intersections; use of guardrails and different defensive gadgets at risky locations; and limiting get entry to high-pace areas.” Interestingly, even as those functions might also additionally assist lessen fatalities, in addition, they have a tendency to grow site visitor congestion.

In order to fight this problem, transportation specialists have started advocating for roadway remodeling. For example, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning has evolved a guidebook called “Transportation Options for Congested Areas” which advocates for roadway remodeling in congested areas. The guidebook recommends the implementation of “street diets,” or discounts in lane widths, in addition to the widening of sidewalks and motor motorcycle paths.

While there’s no unmarried answer which could lessen site visitor fatalities throughout the board, a street weight-reduction plan is one beneficial device that may be carried out in congested areas. By decreasing lanes widths and enhancing protection functions which include intersections and roundabouts, street diets can assist lessen congestion even as additionally stopping fatalities.

The Problem with Asphalt

Transportation experts are warning that asphalt roads could be the deadliest type of roadway in the future. Asphalt is a common material used to build roads and highways, but it has several drawbacks.

One problem with asphalt is that it can become extremely hot and sticky when it’s hot outside. This makes it difficult for drivers to stay on the road, and it can also cause cars to lose control. In extreme cases, this can lead to crashes and fatalities.

Another issue with asphalt is that it’s not very durable. Over time, cracks can form in the pavement, which can lead to flooding or even explosions.

In general, transportation experts believe that paved roads are one of the biggest dangers on roadways today. They recommend switching to more sustainable materials like concrete or rubber instead.”

The Solution to Traffic Fatalities

Traffic fatalities are a problem in the United States. There were more than 38,000 motor vehicle deaths in 2017, and this number is projected to rise to over 50,000 by 2030. Roadways are the deadliest place for drivers and passengers, and transportation experts caution that roadways could be the deadliest place for pedestrians.

One cause why roadways can be the deadliest area for pedestrians is that they’re more likely to be struck with the aid of using an automobile than with the aid using a pedestrian-concerned accident. In 2017, there had been most effective approximately 1,500 pedestrian-concerned injuries in which a person become killed, however, there had been extra than 10,000 automobile-concerned injuries in which a person become killed. This method that roadway is some distance much more likely to kill a person than some other sort of accident.

Self Healing Asphalt

A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that asphalt surfaces can be incredibly dangerous to walk on. The study looked at the mortality rates for pedestrians walking on different types of pavement and found that asphalt surfaces were by far the deadliest. Mortality rates for pedestrians walking on asphalt surfaces were almost twice as high as those walking on concrete or other hard surfaces. The study authors believe that this is because asphalt is very easy to slip and fall on, which can lead to serious injuries or even death.


With the extreme weather conditions we are seeing across the country, it is important to be aware of transportation risks that could occur on our roads. Transportation experts have warned that highways could become some of the deadliest places in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. In a statement released earlier this month, AAA said: “We know from experience that when disasters strike, even well-maintained roadways can turn into death traps as drivers attempt to flee and get away from danger.” It is important to stay alert and drive safely during any type of emergency situation, whether it be severe weather or an actual disaster.



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