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Vinyl : Handling, Storage,  Maintenance

The vinyl record was the authentic way to listen to music in the early 19th century. Further technological advancement has presented many alternative ways to stream and listen to music digitally in this current century. In recent years vinyl records have found their way back into the heart of many music enthusiasts and have become cherished possessions. Many modern households now see them as valuable musical art collections while enjoying their fantastic sound quality.

Did you just start collecting vinyl records? Inherited some from your parents or you have extensive collections already, proper maintenance is needed to keep enjoying vinyl music. This article will provide all the necessary tips to preserve your vinyl’s longevity and sound quality. Let us dive in! Vinyl care is basically divided into three parts; 


Avoid touching the record’s surface with your bare hands to prevent the introduction of dust, oils, and scratches, which can affect its sound quality. Use your fingertip to remove and replace the vinyl from its sleeves before and after listening to its music. Alternatively, handle the vinyl record by the center label.

Due to its high susceptibility to warping, handle the records carefully when traveling or relocating. Prevent scratching the surface of the records by transporting them in an upright position inside sturdy carrying cases. 

Vinyl Storage

Place each record inside plastic or paper sleeves to prevent scratches and dust. Vinyl should be stored in a clean, cool, dry place away from heat, sunlight, or humidity. Store each record upright with tags for easy identification and retrieval. Do not arrange vinyl flatly or pile them on each other to prevent warping.

Vinyl records are valuable possessions that should be displayed elegantly in your Living Room. Proper storage and stylish arrangement will create an attractive interior décor that will always catch visitors’ attention, especially for extensive collections. 

While there are many storage solutions for vinyl records, it is best to choose the one that will add stylish beauty to your interior design. Our bespoke vinyl storage cabinets will always serve you best, regardless of your available space or extensive collections. The great part is you get to determine the size, shape, design, color, and configuration of the vinyl storage based on your preference and personal décor taste.  

Maintenance of vinyl records 

Proper maintenance through cleaning will keep your vinyl in good condition and increases its longevity. The record should be cleaned before and after playing it to remove dirt and dust. Use carbon fiber brushes or clean, soft clothes to gently wipe away dust and dirt from the record’s surface in a circular motion.  

Use record cleaning solutions comprising a cleaning fluid and fiber brushes for deep cleaning. The anti-static brush will remove all deep-seated dust from the vinyl grooves. Wipe the record clean with a dry cloth to remove all wetness. Avoid storing damp vinyl records to prevent mold and fungus growth which can damage the vinyl.

Avoid playing a single vinyl record repeatedly to prevent the grooves from wearing off, which can reduce its sound quality. Invest in high-quality turntables to minimize wear and tear.



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