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How to Breed Deedge and Rare Deedge: A Monster Legends Guide?

Monster Legends is a fascinating cellular game in which you may gather and breed a wide style of precise monsters. Among those creatures, Deedge and Rare Deedge stand out as fan favorites due to their exciting designs and skills. In this comprehensive manual, we’re going to delve into the exciting global nature of Monster Legends and explore the fine strategies for breeding Deedge and its rare counterpart, Rare Deedge. Whether you are a pro participant or simply starting your monster-collecting adventure, this text will provide you with treasured insights on how to efficiently breed those high-quality monsters.

Habitats and Conditions

In order to reproduce Deedge and Rare Deedge in Monster Legends, you’ll need to have their respective habitats. Deedge may be discovered in the Air Habitat at the same time as Rare Deedge can be located within the Light Habitat.

Deedge will want the Air Habitat with a view to live and breed. This habitat is critical for Deedge as it wishes for clean air to live and breathe. The Air Habitat is likewise an awesome region for Deedge to find food. There are many extraordinary sorts of bugs that Deedge can consume, and the Air Habitat is full of them.

When it comes to breeding Deedge and Rare Deedge, you’ll want to make sure that their respective habitats are in precise circumstance. The Air Habitat and the Light Habitat both want to be clean and freed from pollution. If either of these habitats is not in true circumstance, then the Deedge and Rare Deedge will now not be able to breed.

Breeding Combos for Deedge

Dedge is a monster that can be bred in the sport Monster Legends. It is a unprecedented monster and may be bred by way of the usage of the following combinations:

– the use of a Fire monster and a Plant monster

– the use of a Water monster and a Plant monster

– the use of a Light monster and a Dark monster

You also can use the following combos to reproduce Deedge:

– the usage of a Fire monster and a Water monster

– the usage of a Light monster and a Plant monster

– using a Dark monster and a Plant monster

The first factor you need to do when breeding Deedge is to select the mother and father which you need to use. It is critical to note that you can’t use the same monster twice in a row while breeding Deedge. For example, you cannot use a Fire monster and then a Plant monster to breed Deedge. You need to use an exceptional monster in between.

Once you have got decided on the parents which you need to apply, you want to position them inside the Breeding Den. The Breeding Den is in which you breed monsters in Monster Legends. You can get admission to it by means of clicking at the “Breeding” button inside the “Monsters” tab.

You can then take your Deedge to the Monster Lab and stage it up. The Monster Lab is wherein you level up monsters in Monster Legends. You can access it by way of clicking at the “Monster Lab” button in the “Monsters” tab. 

Leveling up your Deedge will make it more potent and greater powerful. Once it’s far robust enough, you could take it into conflict and use it to defeat different monsters.

Unlocking Rare Deedge

There are  predominant ways to breed Rare Deedge in Monster Legends: the Legendary Breeding Island and theEpic Breeding Island. The Legendary Breeding Island is the extra hard of the 2, because it calls for a particular set of monsters to be bred together with a view to have a risk at Rare Deedge. The Epic Breeding Island, then again, does no longer require any precise monsters, but the hazard of breeding Rare Deedge is lower.

To release the Legendary Breeding Island, you will want to reproduce four Legend magnificence monsters. Legend elegance monsters are the rarest and maximum tough to locate, so this can in all likelihood be the maximum tough part of the procedure. Once you’ve got 4 Legend elegance monsters, you could then breed them collectively at the Legendary Breeding Island for a danger at Rare Deedge.

While the Legendary Breeding Island is the greater tough of the two, it’s also the more profitable, because the threat of breeding Rare Deedge is a lot better. Whichever course making a decision to go, breeding Rare Deedge in Monster Legends is a mission, however one that may be triumph over with endurance and dedication.

Optimizing Breeding Odds

When it involves looking to breed the ideal Deedge, there are some matters you may do to optimize your probabilities. The first step is to make sure that you have two Deedge of opposite genders. The subsequent factor you want to do is make certain that each of your Deedge are as healthful as viable. The final factor you want to do is to make sure that each Deedge is across the same degree. If all of these things are in line, then you definately should n’t have any trouble breeding a Deedge.

Nurturing Your Deedge

Deedge are one of the maximum tough monsters to reproduce in Monster Legends. They are uncommon, and their eggs are even tougher to find. If you are lucky enough to discover a Deedge egg, you need to take special care of it. Here are a few tips for breeding and elevating Deedge:

Deedge eggs need quite a bit of warmth and humidity to hatch. The high-quality manner to incubate a Deedge egg is in a terrarium with a clean, tightly-sealed lid. The terrarium must be full of damp sphagnum moss or vermiculite. Make sure to keep the terrarium heat, around eighty ranges Fahrenheit.

Deedge are social creatures, so it’s critical to keep them in a group. A good rule of thumb is to have at least two Deedge for every 10 gallons of terrarium area. 

Breeding Deedge can be an undertaking, but it’s also very rewarding. These hints must help you successfully breed and raise Deedge.

Rare Deedge Evolution

The first step to adapt a Rare Deedge is to get  Deedge of the alternative gender. Once you have got them, put them inside the same habitat and ensure they have enough meals. The next step is to await them to reproduce. Depending on the Deedge, it can take anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days.

Once the baby Deedge is born, you will need to wait for it to conform right into a Rare Deedge. The quantity of time it takes varies, however it needs to take no greater than forty eight hours. However, a few Deedge can take up to 6 days to absolutely evolve.

Deedge are one of the most unique and rare creatures in all of Monster Legends. They are exceptionally tough to adapt, however the payoff is well worth it. With their specific talents and powers, they’re positive to be a precious asset to any team.

Deedge and Rare Deedge in Battles

Deedge and Rare Deedge are  of the maximum powerful monsters in Monster Legends. They are both particularly sturdy and have a huge sort of movement which could effortlessly take down any opponent.

When selecting which Deedge to apply in war, it’s far critical to remember their strengths and weaknesses. Rare Deedge is barely stronger than Deedge, but each is vulnerable to heart attacks.

It is essential to apply a Deedge’s strengths to your advantage in conflict. For example, Deedge’s moveset consists of a number of physical attacks which can effortlessly take down an opponent’s health. Conversely, Rare Deedge’s moveset is composed mainly of water-primarily based assaults, that are ideal for taking down fireplace-kind monsters.

This manual has furnished a few pointers on breeding Deedge and Rare Deedge in Monster Legends. While it can make an effort and effort to get the preferred outcomes, the system can be exciting and pleasant. With a touch of endurance and care, you may efficiently breed these amazing monsters.


In Monster Legends, the arena of Deedge and Rare Deedge awaits your exploration. These musical monsters upload a completely unique appeal to your series and offer treasured aid in battles and activities. By following the breeding mixtures, habitat situations, and optimization techniques mentioned on this guide, you’re at the direction of becoming a Monster Legends master.

Start your adventure these days and enjoy the joy of collecting, breeding, and fighting with these exceptional monsters. Deedge and Rare Deedge are waiting for you to convey their melodies to life in your monster paradise.


Q: Are Deedge and Rare Deedge most effective to be had at some point of unique events?

A: While Deedge and Rare Deedge might also have multiplied breeding odds throughout sure occasions, they may be bred yr-spherical with the proper situations and mixtures.

Q: What is the first-class habitat for Deedge and Rare Deedge?

A: Deedge and Rare Deedge thrive within the Cold and Earth habitats. Ensure that these habitats are appropriately upgraded for the first-rate results.

Q: Can I speed up the breeding process for those monsters?

A: Yes, you can use gem stones to hurry up breeding and hatching instances. It’s a helpful option in case you’re eager to gain Deedge or Rare Deedge quick.

Q: Are there every other rare versions of Deedge in the game?

A: As of the trendy update, Rare Deedge is the simplest uncommon variant of Deedge available in Monster Legends.

Q: How do I get greater monsters to complete my series?

A: You can attain monsters via breeding, activities, and the Monster Market. Keep an eye fixed out for restrained-time gives and unique events to increase your series.



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